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After paying big money for live sessions with a hypnotherapist, I discovered the Mark Bowden recordings and find them to be extremely effective, and... View All

Michael Kieda

30th Dec, 2015

I have used several of Mark's CDs on relaxation, stress management, and overeating. These have really helped me focus on calming my mind, and... View All

Renee Bress

29th Dec, 2015

I bought Mark Bowden's hypnotherapy for weight loss and I think it is really helping. When I do listen to it I feel more... View All

Kristy Lynn McLaughlin

5th Dec, 2015

I'm a holistic nurse in Texas and highly recommend any and all of Mark Bowden's hypnosis CDs. Telling all my patients!! Thank you Mark!! View All

Lauren Elle

16th Nov, 2015

Thank you for the chocolate CD. I am, no I WAS a chocoholic. After receiving the CD I listened in bed somethimes several times... View All

Sonja Decker

16th Nov, 2015